Rocky Springs Ranch

Location: Tehama County, California

Price: $3.8 Million – SOLD

Rocky Springs Ranch is a true Sportsman’s paradise with nearly 3,000 acres of rolling-meadows and blue oak woodlands that are home to one of the largest migratory deer herds in the State, as well as prime habitat for dove, quail and wild turkey. To complete the well-rounded Sportsman’s experience, add in frontage to more than 2.5 miles of the South Fork of Battle Creek, a productive trout fishery. All of this is located in view of snow-capped Mount Lassen, only 45 minutes east of I-5 and the ranching/farming community of Red Bluff in Northern California.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Historically, best known as the area where Ishi and the Yahi Native Americans roamed, Rocky Springs Ranch is home to some of the richest wildlife habitat in the Western States.  Believed to be delivered via old lava tubes from Mt. Lassen, thousands of ice cold springs are scattered throughout the area attracting wildlife.  The early Native Americans followed these springs seeking the game they attract.

The South Fork of Battle Creek is partially fed by many of these springs, providing quality trout fishing and riparian habitat for birds and other creatures. Shortly after the turn of the Century, before the introduction of hydropower, Battle Creek was known to support Steelhead trout, and all four runs of Chinook Salmon (Spring, Fall, Late Fall and Winter).  The Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with P. G. & E., who is trying to renew it’s FERC licenses on the hydropower plants in the area,  have proposed a stream restoration project to bring back the salmon and steelhead fisheries.

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Situated on a mesa overlooking the South Fork of Battle Creek, the majority of Rocky Springs Ranch’s elevation ranges from 1,400 feet in the canyon to 2,000 feet near the main ranch compound. Vast grasslands are intermixed with endless stands of blue oak trees and a scattering of lava rock presumably from Mount Lassen. Many springs, creeks and vernal pools create a lure for many species of wildlife. Panoramic views of Mount Lassen to the east and the adjoining ranches and the Sacramento River Valley below can be enjoyed from most areas of the Ranch.

IMPROVEMENTS: Located at the Ranch compound is a comfortable three bedroom, two bath farmhouse with recent upgrades and a newer two car garage. A second two bedroom, two bath mobile home with separate garage is on a knoll nearby. There is a large barn with working corrals and other ancillary outbuildings at the compound.

WATER:  One of the largest cold water springs in the region is on the Ranch. Hazen Springs are the headwaters if Ripley Creek, which meanders through the property for more than five miles. A majority of the water from Hazen Springs was sold to a predecessor of P. G. & E. many years ago, but the Ranch reserved five miner’s inches for its own use, including domestic uses. In addition, there are over 2.5 miles frontage on the South Fork of Battle Creek.  Another 2.5 miles of canals traverse the Ranch delivering water to a hydroelectric plant adjoining the property.

WILDLIFE:  As mentioned above, one of the State’s largest migratory deer herds travels through the Ranch from Mount Lassen to the Ishi Wilderness to the south. Other wildlife includes bear, mountain lion, eagles, quail, dove, and wild turkey. For the fisherman, the South Fork of Battle Creek offers miles of quality trout fishing with very little public impact. A handful of large ranches control public access, so it is on rare occasion that you would see another fisherman on the stream. The steep basalt and volcanic walls of the creek, some reminiscent of fern grottos, provide a safe haven from heat by keeping the waters cooler in the hot summer days. It’s not unusual to find an osprey or a bald eagle enjoying the habitat as well.

FISH HATCHERY: Well known Mount Lassen Trout Farms has a trout hatchery and rearing facility on the property adjoining the main ranch compound. The hatchery utilizes spring water from Hazen Springs before the water is released back into the hydroelectric system traversing the Ranch. Other than an occasional presence near the main compound, the hatchery and its operators have little impact on the Ranch.

CARRYING CAPACITY: The Ranch currently winters around 150 Animal Units. depending on the precipitation during the winter season.

ZONING: The Ranch is zoned UA-B:6969, or Upland Agricultural with a minimum parcel size of 160 acres.  The Ranch is NOT in the Williamson Act. For more detailed information, please call Tehama County Planning Department at 530-527-2200 or visit their website at:

Tehama County Assessor’s Parcel Numbers include: 011-060-23-1, 011-060-24-1, 011-060-25-1, 011-090-06-1, 011-100-01-1, 011-100-06-1, 011-100-07-1, 011-100-08-1, 011-100-09-1, 011-100-12-1, 011-100-14-1, 011-100-04-1, 011-440-19-1.

BROKER’S SUMMARY: Few opportunities exist to own a ranch with so much wildlife and a short drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. World-class deer, dove and quail hunting, plus miles of trout fishing, complete the perfect Sportsman’s paradise.

For private showing, call Terry Hundemer at 530-265-5774 or 530-913-8095.

NOTICE: Offering is subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change orwithdrawal without notice, and approval of purchase by owner. Information regarding land classifications,potential profits, etc., are intended only as general guidelines and have beenprovided by sources deemed reliable, but whose accuracy we cannot guarantee.