Rainbow Spring Ranch

Location: Fall River Valley, Shasta County

Price: 5 Million – SOLD

Executive Summary
Rainbow Spring Ranch is located at the headwaters of the world-famous Fall River, in Northern California’s picturesque Fall River Valley.

The ranch is named for a large and spectacular crystal clear spring that lies completely within the boundaries of the ranch. A major tributary to the Fall River, Rainbow Spring covers over an acre and appears turquoise-green in color.

With Mount Shasta to the north and Mount Lassen to the south, the 305-acre ranch is part of a remarkable watershed that features a network of rivers and creeks fed by snow melt and springs.

The Fall River flows through the ranch and provides exclusive blue-ribbon trout fishing. The ranch is one of only two properties on the Fall River with private waters, and one of only three properties that are wadeable.

Rainbow Spring Ranch is an outdoor lover’s paradise. The rich ecosystem affords trophy and small-game hunting opportunities along with world-class fishing.

A year-round creek on the ranch offers a valuable water resource and water rights that are increasingly rare in California. Irrigated and fenced pastures can be used for cattle to generate income for the owner.

A historic schoolhouse on the ranch dating back to the 1890s could be restored or perhaps converted for another use. There are several other locations that could be ideal for a home or lodge.

The Fall River Valley is known for its scenic beauty, world-famous fly fishing, and farming.

The ultra-rich wildlife habitat is teeming with waterfowl, deer, and more. The majestic 4,000-foot Mount Shasta dominates the northern skyline and underscores the grandeur of this remarkable valley.

The Fall River Valley has unparalleled water features. Numerous and immense fresh water springs well-up crystal clear via large underground lava tubes. These truly remarkable springs are responsible for creating some of the largest spring creeks and rivers in the United States.

Along with the blue-ribbon fishing found in these streams, the area attracts birders and hunters for the upland birds and waterfowl that migrate through the area.

The town of Fall River Mills is located between two mountains; Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen. The small town is tucked in the valley along with an 18-hole golf course and a jet-capable airport. The valley has a reputation as the home of California’s wild rice industry.

The entire Fall River winds for 16 miles through mostly private agricultural land with very few public access points that are open to fishing. Agricultural crops include wild rice, alfalfa, lavender, strawberries, and mint.

From old-fashioned family diners to trendy cheese and wine stores, Fall River has a small-town appeal with something for everyone.

Property Description
Rainbow Spring Ranch is a beautiful 305-acre property in the heart of the Fall River Valley.

Three legal parcels offer a combination of open meadows, pasture land, forests, and natural water features.

The Fall River, which is known for its clarity and coveted trout fishing, flows through the property for about a third of a mile. The ranch provides a rare level of private access to the river.

A spectacular fresh water spring is located entirely within the property boundary. It likely emerges from underground lava tubes, as do many other springs in the area.

Its aqua-green color gives it a truly magical appearance.

Dana Creek, a tributary to the Fall River, runs from west to east for about a half mile through the property providing irrigation water and waterfowl habitat.

Two irrigated and fenced pastures, which have been used to graze cattle, are located on adjoining parcels. A third non-contiguous parcel, which is forested, is accessed through an informal easement nearby.

A historic schoolhouse that is currently uninhabitable is located near the property entrance.

Neighboring properties are large ranches, which enhance privacy and wildlife habitat.

Fishing and Wildlife
The section of the Fall River that passes through the property affords exceptional privacy and fishing exclusivity. Unlike other parts of the river which offer public access by boat, this section of the river is not navigable and a fence impedes outside access.

Rainbow Spring Ranch is a waterfowl paradise. The ranch’s lush habitat is located on the Pacific Flyway and is utilized by migratory waterfowl during their migration between Canada, and Southern California and Mexico.

Bird species include Osprey, Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl, Peregrine Falcons, Quail, Dove, Pheasant, Turkey, and Grouse, to name a few.

Other wildlife which can be seen on the ranch include mule deer, bobcat, mountain lion, and black bear.

According to local historians, the schoolhouse on the property dates back before 1890 and served the town of Dana. The town, which is no longer active and is a stone’s throw from the ranch, use to include a hotel, post office, two-story store, and livery barn for teamster’s horses. It was named for George Dana whose father settled there in the 1860s and built a sawmill.

Sadie McKay Hayes, a teacher at the schoolhouse in 1894 returned to visit in 1964 and recalled many memories including the playground – “small pine trees large enough to climb and swing back and forth, the games were Town Ball (baseball), Hide and Seek and Teeter Board – a board balanced on a log.”

Apparently, the school was also the venue of a Christmas event with a large Christmas tree decorated with popcorn and Christmas candles. Some pupils walked up to five miles to attend.

Climate and Topography
The weather is very pleasant in the spring, summer, and early fall, with very warm days and crisp cool nights. Winters are cold and snow is not uncommon.

The nearby town of Fall River Mills is nestled between the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Mountain ranges in the far Northeast corner of Shasta County, California.

The town is surrounded by mountains in all four cardinal directions with Mt. Shasta visible from almost anywhere in the valley.

Elevation varies only slightly throughout the valley floor, ranging from 3,200 to 3,400 feet (1,000 m). The surrounding passes all vary from 3,600 to 4,200+ feet.

Water Rights
A 15-horsepower lift pump delivers water from Dana Creek to irrigate fields via a documented riparian right. The ranch owners and The Chickering Company, Inc., including their agents/brokers, do not warrant to what extent, if any, there are water rights out of Rainbow Spring.

Interested parties should thoroughly investigate all water rights on the property as part of any due diligence.

Agricultural Use
The current owners graze around 150 cows from mid-June through mid-September on roughly 115 acres of pasture, of which around 70 acres are irrigated.

Brokers Comments
Few properties enjoy access on the world-famous Fall River, let alone a section that is private.

When coupled with the magical waters and setting of Rainbow Spring, this ranch offers a beautiful canvas for building a unique family and/or fisherman’s retreat.

NOTICE: Offering is subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change orwithdrawal without notice, and approval of purchase by owner. Information regarding land classifications,potential profits, etc., are intended only as general guidelines and have beenprovided by sources deemed reliable, but whose accuracy we cannot guarantee.