About Our Brokerage

Ranch and recreational properties are unique, and a specialty brokerage with deep experience can be indispensable.

After 35 years brokering scores of ranches, high sierra retreats, hunting and fishing lodges, coastal getaways, and lake and river properties, we believe our knowledge of the California market is unequaled.

While our proven expertise is important, there is more to consider before choosing to work with us.

This is a company dedicated to preserving our heritage and playing a role in leaving the natural landscape for the enjoyment of future generations. For this reason, we do not represent clients interested in development or subdivisions.

We are a company that works hard to help our clients acquire or sell exceptional properties. For buyers, we know where to look, how to find good value, and how to avoid wasted trips to properties with “fancy” advertising but little intrinsic value. For sellers, our network of brokers, owners and referral sources as well as highly targeted marketing reach qualified prospects throughout the U.S. and beyond.

While our specialty is California, we also assist clients in finding properties in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and British Columbia. We maintain constant contact with the major ranch brokers in the West, trading information as it becomes available, which offers the best chance to find unique properties not easily found, and often before the general public is aware of them.

We also engage in private transactions involving sellers who wish to convey title outside the public marketplace to an exclusive clientele. In these situations, we are often able to bring in one of our mezzanine clients to purchase the property privately. We then assist the seller and buyer by coordinating the many due diligence investigations and overseeing their interests during escrow.

For more information or a list of references, please call (530) 265-5774 or inquire via email.